Homebirth/SFBC Preparation Classes

As a trained midwife, doula, and bodyworker, Lauren Miller teaches a homebirth specific childbirth prep class alongside midwife, Nile Nash. Lauren and Nile bring their clinical expertise and love of teaching to this amazing class.  Together we spend time making community and relearning how to trust our bodies, while learning all the raw details about what might come to pass during your homebirth. Here is the description of the class:

Our class runs for 5 weeks on Tuesday nights from 7:00-9:00pm and is held at The Root in Noe Valley.   

COST: $400 

It’s best to attend class during your third trimester, starting after 28 weeks, if possible.



This homebirth specific class focuses on information and experiential learning.  Lauren and Nile  bring their background in the science of pregnancy, birth and postpartum to teach you skills and provide with you a solid education what will leave you feeling empowered. The class will cover the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, labor and birth as a jumping off point to talk about the many layers of the birth process- physical, mental, emotional, spiritual…you name it!  Besides giving you as much information as you might need to enjoy the wild process of your birth journey the class provides a community foundation for your new family.

We do a lot of hands-on teaching including labor positions, comfort measures and newborn care. We spend time looking at our perceptions of discomfort and practice relaxation and breath awareness as coping mechanisms to face it. Continually using breath as a tool to soften and open the body, we will also practice massage and supported postures.  So, wear clothes you can move in!

Each class has visual learning components including watching hand-picked birth videos, looking at important photos, touring a homebirth midwife’s birth kit, and more.

We look into variations of normal and potential complications, how they are handled at home and what might be reasons to transport to the hospital. During this class we also give you skills to navigating a hospital birth if that becomes the safest place for your family to be. We also thoroughly cover postpartum recovery and what to expect in those first hours, days and weeks of life with your new baby. We explore breastfeeding basics - positions, techniques and when to get help, and newborn care, including diapering, changing clothes, sleeping and swaddling.

Please feel free to contact us with any other questions. Email moonbellybirth@gmail.com

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