Types of Bodywork

PRENATAL:  This type of massage allows a woman to deeply relax and practice the art of letting go while in the side lying position.  I customize each massage to help with the client's specific needs. Weather someone is experiencing hip discomfort, tension in the neck and shoulder area or low back soreness, I use my specialized prenatal massage training to work out any aches you may have.  This is also a wonderful time to practice your calming breaths that will help you connect with your body and baby during labor. *PLEASE inquire if you would like a labor inducing massage post 37 wks of pregnancy.

DEEP TISSUE:  Area specific and overall bodywork technique, using skillful, strong pressure. Less oil than in Swedish massage. Deep tissue focuses on the deeper layers of soft tissue including muscles, fascia, and tendons.

SWEDISH:  Swedish technique, traditionally the basis for most American spa massage, is for relaxation and to assist the body in healing. Typically a series of smooth long and shorter strokes using oil, it helps alleviate stress and provides a soothing and calming experience.

REFLEXOLOGY: Reflexology applies specific pressure to the feet and hands, without the use of oil or lotion. It is based on a system of reflex areas throughout the body that correspond to points on the feet, and aims to improve

AROMATHERAPY: I use a wide variety of Young Living essential oils to aid in relaxation and stimulate muscle tissue.  This is available during any of the available bodywork sessions. 



Massage Rates

$120 for 60 minutes

$135 for 75 minutes

$150 for 90 minutes 


My in-home studio is located in the Presidio on Pershing Drive.

Thank you! 

*24 hr hour cancellation policy applies


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